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RecFish App
VIMS scientists want to hear your fish tales

VIMS scientists are asking for angler snapshots to train software to identify different fish species. Their ultimate goal is to put that artificial intelligence into a “RecFish” cell phone app, giving anglers a multi-use field guide and scientists a collaborative tool for better management of recreational species.

Dr. Jack Musick
VIMS remembers Musick

The VIMS community commemorates the incredibly rich career of emeritus professor Dr. Jack Musick, who passed away on February 13.

Blue Catfish
Warming may promote spread of non-native blue catfish

A new VIMS study suggests that continued warming of Atlantic coastal waters may enhance the spread of invasive blue catfish within the Chesapeake Bay and other East Coast estuaries.

Bay Climatology 2020

The southern portion of the Chesapeake watershed was unusually warm and wet during 2020, while the northern reaches were warm and slightly dry.