Chesapeake Bay Gov’s School—Glenns wins 2021 Blue Crab Bowl

  • 1st Place
    1st Place   Students from Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School—Glenns garnered first place honors in the 2021 Blue Crab Bowl. Coached by science teacher Sara Beam (bottom middle), CBGS team members included: Dylan White; Austin Crocker; Kathryn Parnell; Captain Madelyn Junker; and Carson Brown. Also pictured are ODU Blue Crab Bowl match officials.   A. Bowman/ODU.
  • 2nd Place
    2nd Place   Students from Fauquier High School (Warrenton) garnered second place honors in the 2021 Blue Crab Bowl. Coached by science teacher George Murphy (bottom middle), Fauquier team members included: Jeremiah Ulewicz; Anna Lanning Wright; Jacob Timko; Raeid Ebrahim; and Captain Mikhaela Ulewicz. Also pictured are VIMS Blue Crab Bowl match officials.   A. Bowman/ODU.
  • 3rd Place
    3rd Place   Students from Catholic High School (Virginia Beach) garnered third place honors in the 2021 Blue Crab Bowl. Coached by science teacher Carol Stapanowich and assisted by Jennifer McMullin, Catholic High team members included: Captain Brandon Ly; Jacob Bovatsek; Timothy Le; Robert Cajes; and Lawrence Maclin. Also pictured are ODU Blue Crab Bowl match officials.   A. Bowman/ODU.
  • 4th Place
    4th Place   Students from Seton School (Manassas) garnered fourth place honors in the 2021 Blue Crab Bowl. Coached by Hank Konstanty and assisted by Patricia Kellogg, Seton team members included: Joey Dealey; Captain Liam Kellogg; Justin Orr; and Victoria Baker. Also pictured are VIMS Blue Crab Bowl match officials.   A. Bowman/ODU.
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Top science students from Virginia compete in regional ocean science bowl

A team from the Glenns campus of the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School (CBGS) netted the top spot during the 24th-annual Blue Crab Bowl on February 26-27th. Runner-up in a close contest was Fauquier High School from Warrenton, while Catholic High School of Virginia Beach took third and Seton School from Manassas took fourth in another intense competition.

The Blue Crab Bowl—held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic—is the Virginia regional competition of the National Ocean Science Bowl©. The NOSB is an annual academic contest to test knowledge of the oceans among high-school students. CBGS—Glenns will move on to represent the Commonwealth in the national competition, facing other regional champions at the Virtual NOSB finals on May 9th, 15th, and 16th. The theme of the 2021 Bowl and its regional competitions is Plunging into Polar Seas.

This year’s Blue Crab Bowl pitted 14 teams representing 12 Virginia high schools from across the Commonwealth. Competing with the top-four finishers were teams from Albemarle High School (Charlottesville), Broadwater Academy (Exmore), CBGS Combined (Bowling Green, Warsaw), CBGS (Warsaw Campus), Cosby HS (Midlothian), Governor’s School for Science & Technology—New Horizons (Hampton), Indian River High School (Chesapeake), Isle of Wight Academy, Norfolk Collegiate School, and Tidewater Academy (Wakefield).

Bethany Smith, the event organizer at VIMS, says “The challenging 2-day event included both preliminary and elimination contests, with top-placing teams facing over 140 questions assessing their marine-science knowledge.”

At the end of the event, all teams were recognized during a virtual Awards Ceremony by Dr. David Rudders, Associate Director of the VIMS Marine Advisory Program. The top four teams will receive custom-made “crab bowl” trophies and mugs designed by Amy Lee Pottery in Norfolk. All students received prizes and coaches received science teaching resources and memberships in the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association.

The Blue Crab Bowl is a cooperative effort between VIMS, William & Mary, and ODU’s Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, with the annual competition alternating between the two venues. More than 70 scientists, including faculty, graduate students, and staff from both institutions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other organizations donated many hours of their time to ensure the success of this year’s event.

Virginia’s Blue Crab Bowl was among the inaugural NOSB competitions in 1998. To date, the Blue Crab Bowl has involved 1,920 of the Commonwealth’s brightest science students from 61 public and private schools across Virginia. Smith says, “Using questions designed by marine scientists and educators, the contest tests students’ knowledge of oceanography, geology, biology, maritime history, and policy. The Bowl provides a forum for students who excel in math and science to receive regional and national recognition for their diligence and talent.”Members of the team from Fauquier High School in Warrenton brainstorm during last year's in-person Blue Crab Bowl. © Aileen Devlin | Virginia Sea Grant.

The National Ocean Science Bowl is a program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in Washington, D.C. NOSB seeks to interest students in ocean science as a college major and potential career. Through 25 regional competitions across the nation, NOSB provides an educational forum intended to generate student interest in the ocean sciences; improve awareness of our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes; and create an “ocean literate” society that can meet the ocean challenges of the future. During 2021, thousands of students from hundreds of high schools around the country will participate in the 24th-annual NOSB event.


The Blue Crab Bowl is made possible by the generous support of national, regional, and local sponsors. Sponsors of the 2021 event include VIMS; Old Dominion University’s Dept. of Ocean and Earth Sciences; VIMS Marine Advisory Services Program; Virginia Sea Grant; Amy Lee Pottery; Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association; and Splendid For a list of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership’s national sponsors, visit the NOSB website at

2021 Teams
  • Albemarle High School, Charlottesville
  • Broadwater Academy, Exmore
  • Catholic High School, Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School, Combined, Bowling Green, Warsaw
  • Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School, Glenns Campus, Glenns
  • Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School, Warsaw Campus, Warsaw
  • Cosby High School, Midlothian
  • Fauquier High School, Warrenton
  • Governor’s School for Science & Technology – New Horizons, Hampton
  • Indian River High School, Chesapeake
  • Isle of Wight Academy, Isle of Wight
  • Norfolk Collegiate School, Norfolk
  • Seton School, Manassas
  • Tidewater Academy, Wakefield