Living Shorelines Summit

Living ShorelineThe Living Shorelines Summit was held in Williamsburg, Virginia, December 6 and 7, 2006.  Sponsors of the Summit included: Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (CBNERR) Maryland (MD) Chesapeake Bay Trust, CBNERR Virginia, Chesapeake Research Consortium, Keith Campbell Foundation, MD Coastal Zone Management Program, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, NOAA Restoration Center, Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), and VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management.

CBNERR Virginia served as the host for the Summit.  Presentations on December 6 were attended by 175 individuals, and presentations on December 7 were attended by 168 individuals.  Attendees included individuals from state and federal government, local government, county and city wetlands boards, non-profit organizations, environmental consultants, state and local regulatory boards, academicians, marine contractors, local nurserymen, and private landowners. Peer-reviewed summit proceedings are published and available for download, or as a CD.

Erdle, S.Y., J.L.D. Davis, and K.G. Sellner, eds.  2008.  Management, Policy, Science and Engineering of Nonstructural Erosion Control in the Chesapeake Bay: Proceedings of the 2006 Living Shoreline Summit.  CRC Publ. No. 08-164, Gloucester Point, VA  136pp.

This document contains information designed for coastal managers, policy-makers, landowners, marine contractors, engineers, scientists, and regulators on the practice of, construction of, and case studies for living shorelines.  Click to download the entire document or individual sections.


Proceedings Full Document

Table of Contents

Preface, Sponsorships, and Steering Committee

Section 1: Introduction (pp. 1-5)

Keynote: The National Academies Report on Mitigating Shore Erosion Along Sheltered Coasts (Susan Roberts)

Section 2: Living Shoreline Design (pp. 7-31)

1) Integrating Habitat and Shoreline Dynamics into Living Shoreline Applications (Kevin Smith)

2) Overview of Living Shoreline Design Options (Karen Duhring)

3) Recommending Appropriate Shoreline Stabilization Methods for Different Estuarine Shoreline Types in North Carolina (Bonnie Bendell)

4) Design Criteria for Tidal Wetlands (Walter Priest)

Section 3: Evaluation of Living Shoreline Techniques (pp. 33-69)

1) Current Understanding of the Effectiveness of Nonstructural and Marsh Sill Approaches (Bhaskaran Subramanian, Eugene Slear, Kevin Smith, Karen Duhring)

2) A Comparison of Structural and Nonstructural Methods For Erosion Control and Providing Habitat in Virginia Salt Marshes (Karen Duhring)

3) Living Shorelines Projects in Maryland in the Past 20 Years (Bhaskaran Subramanian, Johann Martinez, Audra Luscher, David Wilson)

4) Evaluating Ecological Impacts of Living Shorelines and Shoreline Habitat Elements: An Example from the Upper Western Chesapeake Bay (Jana Davis, Richard Takacs, Robert Schnabel)

5) Landscape-Level Impacts of Shoreline Development on Chesapeake Bay Benthos and Their Predators (Rochelle Seitz and Amanda Lawless)

Section 4: Shoreline Policy: Regulatory Overview (pp. 71-85)

1) Regulatory Process for Living Shoreline Implementation in Maryland (Audra Luscher, Jana Davis, Doldon Moore, Amy Moredock)

2) Regulatory Program Overview for Virginia’s Submerged Lands and Tidal Wetlands and Options for Promoting Living Shorelines (Tony Watkinson, Shep Moon)

Section 5: Tools and Decision-making: Facilitating and Encouraging Living Shoreline Implementation (pp. 87-121)

1) NOAA’s Shoreline Management Technical Assistance Toolbox (Allison Castellan, Kris Wall)

2) Maryland Shorelines Online: A Web Portal and Geospatial Tool for Shoreline Planning and Management in Maryland (Audra Luscher)

3) Living Shorelines: A Strategic Approach to Making it Work on the Ground in Virginia (William Stiles)

4) Willingness to Pay for Risk Reduction and Amenities: Applications of the Hedonic Price Method in the Coastal Zone (Craig Landry, Paul Hindsley)

5) Incentives to Promote Living Shoreline Techniques in the Chesapeake Bay (JanaDavis, AudraLuscher)

6) Living Shoreline Case Studies (Drew Koslow, Katie Register, Bobbie Burton, Walter Priest, Audra Luscher)

Section 6: Conclusions and Next Steps (pp. 125-129)

1) Living Shorelines in the Chesapeake Bay: Needs and Recommendations for Future Activities