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Equitable Negotiation on the Coast


This intensive, 2-day training delivered by the Institute for Engagement and Negotiation, will introduce participants to the framework of principled and interest-based negotiation, and put these techniques into the wider context of how to approach negotiation in an equitable way. Using real world scenarios, participants will learn and practice basic skills that are vital for working effectively at the intersection of complex environmental and community issues, like strategic relocation.  Who are the interested parties?  What are their considerations and perspectives?  Do they have a shared goal?  This training presents a prime opportunity to think through the many facets of an increasingly pertinent, and sensitive, coastal topic.

The skills you'll learn as a participant are useful not only for more formal consultation and collaboration processes, but helpful in your daily work with colleagues and target audiences.  ​Professionals working on coastal resilience, environmental planning and regulation, natural resource management, and community engagement will find this training particularly well suited.  

*Postponed until January 2021*

Platform: Zoom
Course Fee: $100

Registration can be made here; payment made here.  


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