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*Please note that CTP offerings remain in flux, given the fluid nature of COVID-19.  The opportunities listed below will take place as described.  For the latest updates on offerings, be sure to join the CTP listerve, details below!

Planned Courses and Events
Introduction to the Data Equity Framework with We All Count data-equity.png- December 1, 2022; 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern via Zoom

We all need a toolkit for embedding equity and ethics on our data products. Making racist, sexist, or unethical decisions while leaning on our data is easy to do unintentionally - and has serious consequences for communities, policies, individuals, and organizations.  If you make decisions based on data, work with stakeholders who make decisions based on data, build models with data, craft policies with data, or conduct evaluation with data, this material is for you. This includes directors, evaluators, data scientists, data visualizers, IT, finance, program officers, and research teams. Join us in an exploration of We All Count’s seven-step framework for identifying inequity and hidden bias in the data product lifecycle. From funding to evaluation, hear how this actionable framework is making equitable change in data application.Click image to see flyer.

Course Instructor Heather Krause, PStat,CEO/Founder of We All Count, is a data scientist with over a decade of experience building tools that improve practices and systems. She is currently working on implementing tools for equity and ethics in data. As the founder of two successful data science companies, she attacks the largest questions facing societies today, working with both civic and corporate organizations to improve outcomes and lives.

  • Who:  This offering is for those who make decisions based on data, work with stakeholders who make decisions based on data, build models with data, craft policies with data, and/or conduct evaluation with data.
  • What: An introduction to We All Count's seven-step framework of looking at data projects.  Explore where data equity comes into play in the data process and the choices surrounding it - from funding through to communication and dissemination.
  • Where: Zoom; link to follow registration (see below)
  • Why: Because science is not objective! Need convincing? Join us!
  • When: December 1, 3-4:30pm Eastern
  • How: REGISTER HERE for the course; note that a calendar invite and Zoom link will follow.  


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Are you in need of some technical assistance?  Would you like to chat one-on-one re: planning, communications, facilitation, engagement, social science, DEIJ?  ...Or maybe just discuss the latest in coastal zone management?!  Let's set some time up! 

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