CBNERR Coastal Training Program

  • Jack-in-the-pulpit
    Jack-in-the-pulpit  Photo taken during a CTP field trip to NW Branch in Gloucester County  Alynda Miller
  • AWRA Savage Neck Dunes Field Trip
    AWRA Savage Neck Dunes Field Trip  Field trip participants travel to Savage Neck Dunes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Sandra Erdle
  • AWRA Field Trip
    AWRA Field Trip  Training participants venture to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Sandra Erdle
  • SFPM Training onboard the Pelican
    SFPM Training onboard the Pelican  Attendees of the State Floodplain Manager's Meeting receive background information onboard the RV Pelican.  Sandra Erdle
  • Botany Lab
    Botany Lab  A CTP winter botany lab id session, February 2009  Sandra Erdle
  • CTP Field Trip
    CTP Field Trip  Bill Crouch with class participants in Gloucester County in April 2008  Sandra Erdle
  • SFPM Field Trip
    SFPM Field Trip  John Brubaker and Todd Nelson, VIMS, shows the group equipment during a State Flood Plain Manager's field trip.  Sandra Erdle
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Through the Coastal Training Program (CTP), the CBNERR in Virginia addresses critical coastal resource management issues by providing up-to-date scientific information, access to technologies, and skill-building opportunities to key professionals responsible for making decisions about coastal resources.  Focus areas generally include coastal habitat restoration, natural resources management, water quality, stormwater management, land use, and coastal development issues.  Key target issues are further refined by the use of needs assessments, post-workshop surveys, contact with target audiences and key partners, and responses to pressing issues and situations.

The CTP promotes science-based decision-making by developing and providing educational programs that specifically target identified training needs. As needs are identified, and programs are developed, the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (CBNERR) at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) will identify and collaborate with appropriate partners to make training opportunities available.

Identified Training Needs

Based on input from training participants and survey results, the CTP in Virginia will initially focus on coastal land-use impacts in the following contexts: (1) riparian buffers and wetlands; (2) shoreline management; and (3) water quality and water management. Please check the web site to find out details about upcoming workshops, or contact Cirse Gonzalez at 804.684.7144 or

Upcoming Workshops

Do you have an idea for a training opportunity or program that you would find particularly helpful?  Please contact Cirse Gonzalez at 804.684.7144 or and let her know of your suggestions. 

Check out our upcoming workshops page for a listing of future planned workshops and registration information.

Upcoming Workshops