CBNERR Coastal Training Program

  • AWRA Savage Neck Dunes Field Trip
    AWRA Savage Neck Dunes Field Trip  Field trip participants travel to Savage Neck Dunes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Sandra Erdle
  • SFPM Training onboard the Pelican
    SFPM Training onboard the Pelican  Attendees of the State Floodplain Manager's Meeting receive background information onboard the RV Pelican.   Sandra Erdle
  • Botany Lab
    Botany Lab  A CTP winter botany lab ID session.  Sandra Erdle
  • CTP Field Trip
    Perennial Stream Identification  Bill Crouch with class participants in Gloucester County.  Sandra Erdle
  • SFPM Field Trip
    SFPM Field Trip  John Brubaker and Todd Nelson, VIMS, show the group equipment during a State Flood Plain Manager's field trip.  Sandra Erdle
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Through the Coastal Training Program (CTP), CBNERR addresses critical coastal resource management issues by providing up-to-date scientific information, access to technologies and skill-building opportunities to current decision makers and resource professionals. To make training opportunities available, CBNERR identifies and collaborates with local partners and effectively applies its own quality, unbiased and place-based research.