CBNERR-VA Research

  • Important Species
    Important Species  CBNERRS Director, Willy Reay, shows a summer flounder. Reserve nekton and habitat studies support management of commercially and ecologically important species.  Steve Snyder
  • The Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin)
    The Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin)  a marsh-dwelling sensitive species  
  • Shoreline Protection
    Shoreline Protection  Gazebo along a living shoreline  
  • Inspecting Shore Stablization
    Inspecting Shore Stablization  Living shoreline research in the Bay  
  • Goodwin Island
    Goodwin Island  This area provides critical research related to coastal wetland processes  
  • Dragon Run
    Dragon Run  a unique and pristine landscape  
  • Horesehoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)
    Horesehoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)  the archaic crab species mating on Goodwin Islands  
  • Shoreline Erosion
    Shoreline Erosion  an example at Goodwin Islands  
  • GYRO
    GYRO  Goodwin/York Research Observatory  Willy Reay
  • Sunset
    Sunset  at the GYRO Nomad buoy  Willy Reay
  • Installation
    Installation  the Goodwin York Research Observatory (GYRO) buoy  
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CBNERR-VA promotes, supports, coordinates and engages in basic and applied research and monitoring efforts at managed areas within Virginia's coastal region.

  • There are typically 25 research/monitoring projects conducted on an annual basis by researchers from a variety of state and federal agencies, academic institutions and private organizations within the reserve's boundaries.
  • The reserve participates in biological, water quality and weather monitoring programs.
  • The overriding goal of reserve research and monitoring activities is to contribute to effective national, regional and site specific coastal management.
  • Graduate students conducting research at the Virginia Reserve sites are supported through the NOAA/NERR Graduate Research Fellowship Program  and minor research grants. Undergraduate students are also awarded minor research grants to support research conducted within Reserve boundaries. 
  • CBNERR-VA also participates in the VIMS Summer Intern Program, supporting and mentoring undergraduate students selected to perform summer research projects.


For questions regarding research permits, please contact