York River and SCB Roundtable

Finding a path forward for the watershed community with respect to local environmental issues and prioritized topics of mutual concern and interest.


yrscbr-logo.png The York River and Small Coastal Basin (YR&SCB) Roundtable provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration among water quality and conservation-minded stakeholders within the York River, Mobjack Bay and Piankatank River watershed areas. The Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (CBNERR), administered by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), is reinvigorating the YR&SCB Roundtable in support of Virginia’s effort to protect water quality and conserve coastal resources for the betterment of its communities. 


The York River and Small Coastal Basin Roundtable promotes place-based coordination and collaboration on watershed issues of mutual concern and interest.  In doing so, it enhances the understanding, support, communication and adoption of best management practices that reduce nonpoint source pollution, ameliorate watershed habitat and improve water quality in local waters and the Chesapeake Bay, helping the Commonwealth achieve its water quality improvement goals.


Improved understanding and greater support for water quality restoration and protection, and measurable reductions in nonpoint source pollution, resulting in the achievement of water quality goals in our local watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay, as well as resilient, socio and ecological communities. 

Our Cornerstones

The following four Cornerstones represent the bedrock of future agendas for the York River and Small Coastal Basin Roundtable.  Cornerstones were derived through participatory processes, and selected using the following criteria: communal investment and shared priority; current need and future opportunity to establish and enhance related projects; Roundtable capacity to continue to foster related projects; and York River and small coastal basin specificity and applicability.  More here

  • COMMUNITY: Engage as a community for the community community-logo.png
  • LITERACY: Promote environmental literacy  literacy-logo.png
  • CAPACITY: Build capacity  capacity-building-logo.png
  • RESILIENCE: Foster holistic watershed resilience  resilience-logo.png
Our Strategic Plan

The development of our Cornerstones, our guiding principals (and compass, really), helped us orient the action items found in our Strategic Plan.  Roundtable members, through steering committees and the Board, have been moving these items forward over the course of 2019-2021.  Deliverables, representing the Roundtable’s action items, are listed under their respective Cornerstone.  

Watershed Roundtables

A watershed roundtable is a group of people with a vested interest in local water quality. Clean water is key to maintaining a high quality of life in Virginia. Through involvement in roundtables, people work as a group to ensure clean water for drinking, for business and for recreation.

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