About GSA


The Graduate Student Association of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science provides 

  1. a forum where students and the VIMS administration are involved,
  2. programs and services of special interest to graduate students.

In addition to our academic missions, the GSA also functions with the social interests of graduate students in mind. We provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with each other and broaden their experiences in graduate school. All of this serves the purpose of producing well-rounded and well-educated graduates.

Who is in the GSA?

All registered graduates of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The GSA is made up of four units: the Executive Committee, Representatives to the SMS Academic Council and its Standing Committees, Representatives to W & M College-Wide Entities, and Committee Chairs and Representatives. Representatives are elected, nominated, or volunteered within the student body at the end of the spring semester. The responsibilities of all units of the GSA are explained in detail in the GSA Catalog. 


The GSA represents graduate students' academic, professional, and social interests to the administration. Representatives of the Executive Council and Academic Council (AC). The Executive Council and the AC are responsible for communicating to the administration. 

Powers and Limitations

The GSA is the most representative and informational in nature. The GSA can intervene on behalf of graduate students in many venues. However, without knowledge of the spectrum of graduate student opinions, the representative powers of the GSA are greatly diminished. Therefore, active participation at meetings and on committees is crucial to effective graduate student presence.