Professional Development Committee

The professional development committee formed in 2013 to extend the scope of professional preparation activities at VIMS beyond training for academic careers. We have connected students with alumni and other professionals working at federal, state, and local governmental agencies, at non-profit conservation and education organizations, and at private consulting firms. We have brought multiple scientists and professionals to VIMS as guest speakers, and hosted the first annual Alumni Networking Event in Fall 2018. We've hosted several workshops regarding topics including grant writing, professional social media presence, mock interviews, and resume/CV building. We lead a graduate student mentorship-type panel series called Surviving Grad School in which older, more seasoned students provide advice to newer students. We also host the event series "Scientist Walks Into A Bar... Graduate Student Edition" in conjunction with local breweries to provide students the opportunity to present their research to a local, public audience.
Please contact the committee co-chairs if you are interested in joining the committee or have any suggestions for future career development events.

Committee Members

Dan Crear  |
Michelle Onofrio  |

Samantha Askin
Kristin Bachand
Andrew Corso
Jim DelBene
Derek Detweiler
Meredith Evans Seeley
Samantha Fortin
Jaclyn Friedman
Kyle Hinson
Aman Kohli
Jackson Martinez
Kayla Martinez-Soto
Lindsey Nelson
Olivia Phillips
Shantelle Richards
Ann Ropp
Adena Schonfeld
Jessica Turner
Stephanie Wilson
Serina Wittyngham
Michelle Woods
Cristin Wright

Announcements, Activities, and Events
Upcoming Events

There are two "Scientist Walks Into A Bar" events this spring scheduled for March 18th and April 12th from 6:30-8:30 at Alewerks Satellite Brewery & Taproom located at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. Three students will each give a 5-minute oral presentation, with a poster session held throughout the night. All are welcome!

PDC will hold a CV/Cover Letter Building Workshop on March 29th. Sam Lake (VA Sea Grant) and Dr. Jeff Shields (Aquatic Health Sciences) will serve on the panel for this event. Pizza will be provided!Students should be on the look-out for an email from Serina Wittyngham and Jim DelBene for sign-ups and more details!

VIMS Alumni and Students LinkedIn Group

Calling all students and alumni: Please join the VIMS student and alumni Linked-In group to facilitate networking within the greater VIMS community. Spread the word!