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Administrative Matters
Administrative Matters
Form Letter Templates
Violation and Restoration
Application and Permit Hearing
Administrative Fees

Fees charged for permits, advertising and in-lieu compensation by locality - 2020 Administrative Fees

Permit Databases
The Center for Coastal Resources Management serves the historical records for all tidal wetland Joint Permit Applications (JPA) in a searchable database.  These records include the original JPA and all associated photos, public hearing notices, additional information, and VIMS Reports.  All records prior to January 1, 2015 can be found here.
Use the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) website to access information regarding applications starting with the year 2010 to the current date.
General Permits
Joint Permit Application
  • The Joint Permit Application is submitted to VMRC, which serves as a clearinghouse and distributes the joint application to the following permitting agencies for review. One application is used to request all approvals for proposed impacts to tidal and non-tidal wetlands, dunes and beaches, and subaqueous resources from activities including construction, dredging, filling, or excavation.
Training and Continued Learning
Wetlands Workshops
  • Annual Wetlands Workshops are held for the tidal shoreline management community in Virginia. These events cover a variety of scientific, policy and management topics as well as offer networking opportunities.
Customized Training
  • CCRM also offers classes on request for shoreline management topics of interest including, estuarine ecology, the latest shoreline guidance, and GIS tools.  Contact [[v|karend,Karen Duhring]], to schedule a training session that can be customized to fit your locality’s specific needs.