Advisory Service

CCRM serves as an advisor for the management of Virginia's coastal resources.  Advice covers a wide range of subjects crossing many disciplines and involving both natural and social sciences.

Wetlands Management

CCRM staff support Virginia's wetlands management programs for both tidal and nontidal wetlands.  This work involves review of individual permits in the tidal program, development and implementation of assessment and monitoring protocols for the nontidal program, and issue-driven investigations in support of both. Our research and advisory activities are closely intertwined with scientific findings underpinning the guidance we provide to help shape environmental and economic policy decisions. Here you will find...

Shoreline Management

The Center operates a continuing inventory of conditions along all 10,000 miles of Virginia's coastal zone shoreline including a map inventory of all tidal wetlands. Data is collected using Global Positioning System (GPS) and remote sensing technologies and is managed in a Geographic Information System (GIS).  This data supports a variety of applications to assist decision-makers. Here you will find information to help implement Virginia's tidal shoreline laws and policies including general guidance for the entire coastal area and locality specific information.