Climate Change Adaptation
  • AdaptVA:  A web portal (single-point of access) for evidence-based planning for everyone engaged in climate adaptation.  AdaptVA focuses on the physical and social vulnerabilities by integrating the best available science, legal guidance, and planning strategies through the use of interactive map viewers, story maps and policy guides. 
    What financial incentives are there to help coastal communities? 
    What are the social characteristics (poor, elderly, etc) in flood prone areas? 
    What is Virginia's policy on stormwater management?
  • Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS): Helps communities, real estate agents, property buyers, and property owners understand an area's flood risk (also available in
    Does this property require flood insurance? 
    Which areas in my city are currently at risk of flooding?
Shoreline Management
  • Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Portals (CCRMPs): General and locality specific shoreline management guidance for all coastal zone localities. This is a gateway to current and historic shoreline management information, including interactive mapping tools, shoreline and tidal marsh inventory reports, sea-level rise and flooding information, GIS data for downloading, and other locality-specific VIMS shoreline publications.
    How many miles of shoreline are in my county?
    What VIMS shoreline publications are available for where I live?

  • Self-Guided Decision Tools:  A series of decision trees that leads users through questions about shoreline conditions to help choose the most effective erosion control strategy based on surrounding shoreline conditions. (more information is available in your locality's CCRMP)
    Will a living shoreline work on my property to control erosion?
    My bulkhead is failing, what should I replace it with?

  • Shoreline Assessment Mapper (SAM): This interactive map displays a variety of coastal resource data across the entire coastal plain of Virginia.  Map users can view information at a large-scale or across multiple jurisdictions. (Locality specific information is available in the CCRMPs)
    Where are wetlands located in the coastal plain?
    What localities have aquaculture activity?