Peer Reviewed Articles

High-quality, open access research manuscripts published in peer-reviewed scientific journals with CCRM scientists included as authors.  These research articles are reviewed by other experts in the same field for validity and suitability before they are accepted for publication.  More CCRM peer-reviewed journal articles are available under different Research topics. 

Applied Research Reports

Publications resulting from CCRM’s research related to a variety of coastal topics.  These reports are designed for practical application by investigating problems and recommending solutions for coastal resource managers and policy makers. 

Rivers & Coast Newsletter

Rivers & Coast is a periodic publication that covers one relevant topic in detail through the use of charts, graphs, maps and photos in a color publication.  The goal of Rivers & Coast is to keep readers well informed of the current scientific understanding behind key issues related to watershed rivers and coastal ecosystems.

Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail – East River

Your guide to navigating the East River in Mathews County, Virginia; explore historic sites, enjoy local lore, and plan your trip on the water (launch sites, maps, trail stewardship, safety and more). 

Virginia Wetlands Report

The Virginia Wetlands Report was a periodic report published from 1986-2015.  These reports contain short articles covering a variety of wetlands related topics including plants and animals, GIS, laws and policy, coastal erosion, and research.

Wetland Flora Report

The Wetland Flora Technical Report series provides concise information regarding the identification, growth habits, distribution, habitat, ecology and wetland indicator status for the title species.  Illustrations are also included to aid in specimen identification.  These drawings are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission of the artist. 

Wetlands Technical Report

The Wetlands Technical Reports were published from 1990-2002.  Each report provides an in-depth review of one topic related to wetlands restoration, mitigation, regulations or management.