'Catch the King' Tide

Let's map how far it floods...

"Catch the King" is a citizen science GPS data collection effort centered in Hampton Roads, VA, seeking to breadcrumb or map the King Tide's maximum inundation extents to validate and improve predictive models and future forecasting of increasingly pervasive "nuisance" flooding. Volunteers can participate by downloading the "Sea Level Rise" application onto their smartphones, and on the morning of November 5th, 2017, use the app to trace the high tide line from varying locations. The data will be collected and used to help scientists, educators, and community leaders better understand the risks imposed by the rising tide.

“Catch the King,” is sponsored by The Virginian-Pilot, WHRO Public Media, the Daily Press, and WVEC-TV are sponsors of  an event aimed at measuring the flood extents of the king tide. They’re supported by the nonprofit group Wetlands Watch and Concursive Corp., creators and developers of the citizen-science Sea Level Rise app (iOS and Android), and the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resilience


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Catalogue of Recent Media Coverage of "Catch the King":

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