Virginia Institute of Marine Science


World-class people in a world-class setting

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) is recognized worldwide for its expertise in coastal marine science. Our faculty and staff bring expertise from A to Z, including anatomists, biological oceanographers, computer modelers, ecologists, economists, ecotoxicologists, geneticists, geochemists, icthyologists, immunologists, pathologists, physiologists, physical oceanographers, taxonomists, wetland scientists, and zoologists.

Administrative Officers

Dr. John Wells, Dean and Director
Dr. Mark Luckenbach, Associate Dean of Research and Advisory Services
Dr. Linda Schaffner, Associate Dean of Academic Studies
Dr. Richard Snyder, Director of Eastern Shore Laboratory
Gary Anderson, Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology & Network Services
Carol Coughlin, Director of the William J. Hargis Library
Amy Fisher, Director of Development
Margaret J. Fonner, Director of Sponsored Programs
[[twgrose,Tom Grose]], Director of Safety & Environmental Programs
Jennifer Latour, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Dr. David Malmquist, Director of Communications
Joseph Martinez, Chief Operations Officer
Richard White, Director of Facilities Management

Department Chairs

Dr. Kim Reece, Aquatic Health Sciences
Dr. Robert Orth, Biological Sciences
Dr. John Graves, Fisheries Science
Dr. Carl Friedrichs, Physical Sciences

Administrative Contacts

ABC: Debbrah Pelata
Aquatic Health Sciences: Mike Ivey
Biological Sciences: Regina Burrell
CBNERR: Sally Lawrence
CCRM: Dawn Fleming
Eastern Shore Laboratory: Linda Ward
Facilities Management: Debbie Galvez
Fisheries Science: Cindy Forrester
Graduate Program: Cathleen Cake
Marine Advisory Services: Cheryl Teagle
Physical Sciences: Cynthia Harris