Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Lieutenant Governor visits VIMS

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam visited VIMS on August 4th to learn about the Institute's three-part mission to conduct interdisciplinary research in coastal ocean and estuarine science, educate students and citizens, and provide advisory service to policy makers, industry, and the public.

Lisa Ayers Lawrence named Informal Educator of the Year

The Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association (MAMEA) honored Lisa Ayers Lawrence of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science with the 2014 Informal Educator Award at the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Conference in July.

Natural Resources Secretary visits VIMS

Virginia’s Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward visited VIMS on August 1st to learn about the Institute's research and advisory services, with a focus on water quality monitoring and the Institute’s role in research, development, and ongoing industry support of oyster aquaculture.