Find Your Property's Flood Zone

FEMA floodplains are the areas likely to flood during the 100- and 500-yr flood events and are based on current and historic conditions (without consideration of potential sea-level rise along a shoreline).

See the summary directions below or, for more help step-by-step instructions with pictures (pdf):

  1. Go to the Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS)
  2. Enter an address or location into the "Find Address or Place" toolbar above and press enter.
  3. Click on your area of interest. A popup will appear with FIRM panel and FEMA Floodplain results.
  4. Use the arrows at the top of the pop-up to find the "Flood Hazard Zone" window. From there the field "Flood Zone" will indicate your flood zone.
  5. Check the Flood Hazard Zone Definitions chart for explanation of the zone code.
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What do the zones mean?

The 100-year storm (1% annual chance flood hazard) is noted by AE and VE zones. The VE portion can be subject to heavy wave action during storm events. 

Generally, if the property is not located in Zone-X you should purchase flood insurance. 

Keep in mind that, Will my property flood? is not the same as, Do I need flood insurance?  If it is raining your property has the potential to flood.  You should always contact your insurance agent to be sure.