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The VIMS Education Workgroup is a group of professional educators at VIMS with the goal of fostering communication and coordination of educational programs and projects conducted at VIMS. Education programs/projects at VIMS take many different forms, reach a broad range of audiences and cover a diverse array of topics. Below, we include a sampling of some of the programs we provide and the audiences we serve.

Members of the Education Workgroup often collaborate with VIMS scientists to assist in the development and implementation of Broader Impact components of research proposals. VIMS researchers looking for assistance with Broader Impacts are encouraged to contact any of the educators below. Some tips for planning your Broader Impacts are below.

Best Practices for Planning your Broader Impacts (BI):

  • Contact BI collaborators at the start of project planning
  • Integrate BI elements throughout the ENTIRE project (not just a workshop at the end of the project)
  • Consider a multi-layered approach that offers different elements to a variety of audiences (students, teachers, the general public, resource managers, etc)
  • Include adequate time and funding for BI elements (including salary for the educators involved)
Educator Email Dept/Center Target Audiences
Celia Cackowski Adv. Services K12 Teachers, Informal Educators
Karen Duhring CCRM State & Local Government, Resource Managers, Citizen Scientists
Sandra Erdle CBNERR Coastal Professionals, Decisionmakers, Resource Managers
Carol Hopper Brill Adv. Services K12 Teachers, Informal Educators, Graduate Students
Lisa Lawrence Adv. Services K12 Teachers, Informal Educators, Graduate Students, Culinary Community
Sarah Nuss CBNERR K12 Students, K12 Teachers, Informal Educators, Families