Humanity's growing demand for seafood is increasingly met by aquaculture of finfish and shellfish. VIMS researchers help illuminate, guide, and steer aquaculture towards maximum healthy yields and minimal environmental impact. Visit our oyster and blue crab pages for additional information specific to those organisms.

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Tagging study reveals final link in cownose ray migration loop (Aug 2018)
Findings suggest mature rays return to the same nursery grounds in Chesapeake Bay each summer, strengthening case for precautionary management strategies.

Virginia continues to lead in clam and oyster aquaculture (May 2017)
Annual survey of shellfish aquaculture shows Commonwealth's growers sold $56.6 million in clams and oysters in 2016.

Interns embark on careers in oyster aquaculture (Nov 2016)
Four rising professionals complete training program in oyster aquaculture, providing them with the skills needed to advance in this rapidly growing industry.

VIMS scientists occupy top tier of global oyster research (Aug 2015)
A global analysis of the scientific literature shows that VIMS professors hold 4 of the top-20 spots in production of oyster-related research.

Value of Virginia aquaculture reaches another all-time high (Apr 2015)
Annual survey of shellfish aquaculture shows Commonwealth's growers sold $55.9 million in clams and oysters in 2014, up 24% from 2013.

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Five Most Recent Journal Articles
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