Hargis Library and the collections of the other W&M libraries provide faculty, staff and students a growing selection of materials to serve the diverse research and academic needs of the Institute.


You have extensive access to articles from the major science publishers as well as many other interdiscipinary areas of interest. Check here to make sure you are looking in all the right places. There is help for journal abbreviations as well.


Electronic books are being added every day. Have a look to see what collections are available to you and how to access the content. Titles are listed in the catalog database.

ESL Library Collection

Access the collections of VIMS' Eastern Shore Laboratory.

Theses & Dissertations

VIMS students have been producing scholarly work on a wide range of topics. Explore these pages to find their projects and learn how to locate the thesis and dissertations from students around the world.

VIMS Reports and Longterm Studies

A portal to the many studies and reports produced by the departments, centers, labs and programs at the Institute.