May 2, 2019 – Building Momentum for Coastal Resilience


Coastal Resilience Project Updates – Community Scale

Coastal Resilience Project Updates – Shoreline Scale

Coastal Resilience Project Updates – Engagement Opportunities

Shoreline Program Updates

Concurrent Breakout Sessions 
VIMS Coastal Resilience – VIMS Teaching Marsh & Beach 

[[v|donnab,Donna Bilkovic]], [[v|molly,Molly Mitchell]], [[v|stanhope,Dave Stanhope]], [[v|kory,Kory Angstadt]], [[v|risdell,Robert Isdell]], [[v|agguthrie,Amanda Guthrie]]  VIMS-CCRM
Exploration of living shorelines and new improvements at the VIMS Teaching Marsh, including Virginia’s first "amphibiated" floating shed, a floating pier, and a living roof planted with native sedum. 

shed floating pier floating pier living roof

A variety of aquatic organisms collected from shallow water habitats were on display to illustrate how diverse beach and marsh habitats support ecosystem resilience.

CCRM Web Portal Demonstrations 
[[v|christine,Christine Tombleson]] & [[v|tamia,Tamia Rudnicky]], VIMS-CCRM
The content in Locality Portals and AdaptVA were explored, including how GIS interactive maps and tools can be used to assist with shoreline management and comprehensive planning.  Participant feedback on tool use and format was also gathered to inform future tool development. 
Validating Flood Models with Sensors & Citizen Science 

[[v|jdloftis,Derek Loftis]], VIMS-CCRM
The process of creating and validating flood models was explained, including highlights of StormSense, Tidewatch Map© and Catch the King Tide flood mapping citizen science project.

Tidal Shoreline Management Policies & Procedures Handbook 
[[v|mason,Pam Mason]], VIMS-CCRM, Angela King, VCPC, Clay Bernick, Clay Bernick Environment & Sustainability, LLC

A focus group was held to seek input and feedback on possible content and format for the pending Shoreline Policies and Procedures website. We had about 50 participants offer suggestions on the information that they need and how best to organize it for ease of access. The input is being used to help inform the development of the materials for the current project effort and also ideas for next steps in providing information for shoreline decision-makers and the general public to improve understanding and support informed decision-making.  See related information on Wetlands Management.

MARISA Climate Resilience Toolbox Project  
[[v|phbraff,Pamela Braff]], MARISA/Penn State University
Focus groups gave feedback to help build a searchable catalog of climate resilience tools by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (MARISA) program