Shoreline Management Webinar Series

The VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management hosted two Shoreline Management Webinars.  These sessions included presentations and live interaction with tidal wetland scientists and regulatory agency staff. 

August 11 – Tidal Marsh Ecology

Webinar Recording

Webinar Q&A (pdf)

Presentations (pdf)

Living shorelines achieve functional equivalence to natural fringe marshes across multiple ecological metrics
 (online version)
Robert Isdell, VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management

Ecological equivalency of living shorelines and natural marshes for fish and crustacean shoreline communities
Amanda Guthrie, VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management

Saltmarsh bird trends

Bryan D. Watts, Center for Conservation Biology

Shoreline management and living shoreline design implications
Karen Duhring, VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management

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August 25 – Integrated Shoreline Management

Webinar Recording

Presentations (pdf)

Virginia’s Tidal Wetlands Guidelines

 Rachael Peabody & Randy Owen, Virginia Marine Resources Commission
 Dr. Mark Luckenbach, VIMS Research and Advisory Service

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Designation and Management Regulations: Climate Adaptation Amendment
Justin Williams, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act Guidance

 Pamela Mason, VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management
Elizabeth Andrews, Virginia Coastal Policy Center

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