Our Summer Team is here!

CBNERR-VA is pleased to welcome a cohort of bright and energetic students this summer who will contribute to the team in countless ways!  Below, some background on those who have started; good news is, more joining soon! Stay tuned!

Marit Chauvin
Marit Chauvin - Smith College Agnes Shedd Andreae Summer Internship Fellow

Marit is a rising senior at Smith College majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology, though she is particularly interested in marine biology, as well as ecology and conservation. While raised in Nacogdoches, Texas she spent her senior year of high school abroad in Germany. Marit's hobbies include playing the clarinet, reading and watching anime. As this is her first experience working in the field, she hopes her time with CBNERR-VA is a valuable learning opportunity.
Hannah Dahl
Hannah Dahl - Conservation Specialist

Hannah Dahl is a rising senior at William & Mary studying Biology and Environmental Science. As a local from Newport News, she's always enjoyed kayaking, canoeing and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. When she's out of the water, she's outside hiking and birding, or inside playing ukulele and baking a sweet treat to share with friends. This summer, Hannah is working as CBNERR-VA's Conservation Specialist and will try her hand at pretty much everything we do - including field research, public outreach, and a summer camp! She hopes to use this experience to further her career in conservation research and education, making science more accessible for everyone.

Abril Hunter
Abril Hunter - NOAA Hollings Scholar

Hailing from Belleville, Illinois, Abril Hunter is a rising senior at Florida State University where she majors in Environmental Science and Policy with minors in Urban and Regional Planning and Social Welfare. Abril’s main research interest lies at the intersection of environmental justice and race, with a specific focus on Cancer Alley, Louisiana and Flint, Michigan. Abril served as a Science Communication Undergraduate Fellow at the Washington University in St. Louis Tyson Research Center throughout the summer of 2020, an Environment Florida Student Outreach Intern in the fall of 2020, and a DEIJ Intern for the Chesapeake Bay Research Consortium in the summer of 2021. Recently, Abril was recognized as a 2022 Harry S. Truman Scholar and 2022 Udall Scholar. This summer, Abril is interning with CBNERR-VA as a 2021 NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Scholar. Abril aspires to make tangible changes in the life of those facing environmental injustice through advocacy, grassroots action, and policy.

Katie Shelton
Katie Shelton - Reserve Support Technician

Katie Shelton is a rising third-year student at the University of Virginia where she is currently pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a minor in Global Sustainability. She is working with CBNERR-VA in the field and lab this summer as a Reserve Support Technician, but she is not new to the team - having previously worked as both Conservation Intern and Conservation Specialist over the past two summers. While she is primarily interested in research, she has loved being exposed to the many different endeavors that CBNERR-VA undertakes! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time on the water, beekeeping and baking.