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Wetland Delineation
Delineation in action.


WHEN: June 4-7, 2024

WHO: Practitioners with a professional investment in wetland boundary identification.

WHAT: A four-day (32-hour) offering on the wetland delineation protocol “Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Region Version 2.0.”  The course curriculum will cover all aspects of wetland delineation in the Coastal Plain region, and include classroom and field activities. 

WHERE: Classroom portion will take place on the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point, Virginia; field component will necessitate travel to local parks.Sampling soil in the field.

WHY:  Participants will learn: 

  • The current scientific understanding for physical, chemical and biological phenomena that characterize wetlands in the Coastal Plain
  • Wetland delineation protocols based on the Regional Supplement methodology
  • Proper sampling techniques for wetland delineations
  • Introduction to the National Technical Committee for Hydric Soils’ (NTCHS) indicators for wetland soil conditions
  • Introduction to “Difficult Wetland Situations,” and how to conduct a wetland delineation when “normal circumstances” are not present
  • Tips on preparing a submittal package to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a Jurisdictional Determination
  • Differences between the Regional Supplement and the 1987 Manual, including implications for wetland delineations in the Coastal Plain
  • Requirements for the Virginia Professional Wetland Delineator (PWD) certification program

Instructor Doug Deberry with course participants.Course instructor Dr. Douglas A. DeBerry, a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) and Professional Wetland Delineator (PWD), has worked in the field for 29 years, with extensive experience in the Mid and South-Atlantic Coastal Plain regions. Notably, Dr. DeBerry participated in the test-development panel for the Professional Wetland Delineator certification program in Virginia, and brings perspective from his work as a technical advisor for the Mid-Atlantic Wetland Workgroup (MAWWG) and the National Wetland Condition Assessment (NWCA) program.

HOW: Sign up HERE through May 5, 11:59PM, to enter the participant LOTTERY.  Selected participants will be notified on May 6th; please stay tuned for details. 

Note that course fees will total $350.00 and include coffee/tea and snacks (BYO lunch). Payment must be made in advance of the course.


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