Using the SAV Interactive Map

This brief guide will help you navigate the wealth of information available through our SAV interactive map interface.

Navigating the Map

When the interactive map loads, it will resemble the image below. We're constantly working to improve the map, so don't be surprised if the look changes slightly from visit to visit. Note that we've labled some key elements. You can click them for more information or keep reading. We recomend switching to the large map using the link at the top right since it provides more options.

The map loads the most recent year of data, but other years are available. In the Large Map, simply select the desired year from the large-year pulldown in the Layer List.Navigating the interactive map.

Map Elements
  • Hide/Show Overview Button
    Use this button to hide the overview map or re-display the overview map if it has been hidden
  • Navigation Tools
    Use these tools to zoom into the area you want to see.
Frequently Asked Questions

What images are included on the map?
As part of the Annual SAV Monitoring Program, VIMS has since 2001 been orthorectifying aerials images that cover SAV beds. Detailed information about the image acquisition and processing is available for each year (for example, the 2014 imagery is described here). Additional, lower level imagery for SAV restoration sites in the Virginia Coastal bays is also available through this map interface.

Can I compare two years of SAV coverage?
Use the Comparison Year item in the Layer List on the Large Map to compare two years.

Why can’t I see bed densities?
Most likely, either the map is zoomed out too far or the check boxes next to SAV Beds and SAV Density are not checked.

How do I find a specific location on the map?
Use the search box at the top of the map to search for an address.

Why are there beds but no imagery?
We update the VIMS imagery periodically. If there is no imagery in a particular location where we have mapped SAV we may not yet have put the image online or it is unavailable. Please contact us at [[v|savadmin]] for more detailed availability information.