Red Drum

Red Drum - Sciaenops ocellatus

*Information from FAO Species Identification Guide Western Central Atlantic*

Red drum
Maximum 160 cm; common to 100 cm.
Habitat, biology, and fisheries

Found over sand and sandy mud bottoms in coastal waters, young often enter estuaries. Abundant in surf zone south of Cape Hatteras and Texas coast; apparently undergoing seasonal migrations. Feeds mainly on crustaceans, molluscs, and fishes. Caught mainly with haul seines, pound nets, and gill nets; also in large quantities by anglers. Aquaculture of the species has been well established. Marketed mostly fresh, a highly esteemed foodfish and popular gourmet dish (blackened red drum in New Orleans).

Atlantic coast from Long Island to Florida, Gulf  of Mexico from west coast of Florida to at least Laguna Madre, Mexico.