Pinfish - Lagodon rhomboides

*Information from FAO Species Identification Guide Western Central Atlantic*

Maximum to 40 cm, commonly to 18 cm; world game record 0.75 kg.
Habitat, biology, and fisheries

A shallow-water species most commonly found on vegetated bottoms, occasionally over rocky bottoms and in mangrove areas, entering brackish and even fresh waters. Often forms large aggregations. During winter it is believed to move offshore to deeper waters for spawning. Feeds mainly on small animals, especially crustaceans, but also molluscs, worms, and occasionally small fishes that are associated with grassy habitat; considerable plant material may also be ingested. Caught mainly with trawls; also with gill nets, trammel nets, beach seines, traps and on hook-and-line. Though good eating, it is not widely consumed due to its relatively small average size; often used as bait.

Throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and off northern Cuba, extending northward to Cape Cod (rare). Occurs in Bermuda; records from Jamaica and the Bahamas have been questioned