Sedimentology & Gamma Lab Cost Center

The Coastal Geology Lab runs an in-house cost center for both internal and external laboratory analyses. Work that can be completed in this lab includes basic sediment core or sample processing, including grain-size analysis, bulk density, and loss-on-ignition, as well as analysis of short-lived radioisotopes (primarily 210Pb and 137Cs) for derivation of short-term (ca. 100 years) sediment accretion rates.

In addition to basic sedimentological processing tools (balances, muffle furnaces, sieves), this lab houses a Rapid Sediment Analyzer (settling tube), a Beckman-Coulter Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer (LDPSA), and, for gamma analyses, four Low Energy Germanium Detectors (LEGEs), one Broad Energy Germanium Detector (BEGE), one Well-shaped intrinsic Germanium Detector (WEGE), and an octet containing eight alpha detectors.

Please contact Coastal Geo Lab Specialist Jennifer Connell for more infomation and pricing. 

Geochronology Lab