VIMS Marine Advisory Program

The Marine Advisory Program works directly with the multi-faceted marine trades sector and the local governments that support strong coastal communities. Sea Grant has undertaken several initiatives to shore up the economic strength of the towns and counties overseeing Virginia’s coastline.

Initiatives to equitize the personal property taxes paid by recreational boaters, provide matching funds for expanded infrastructure among marinas, and strengthen the local tax base are among the projects funded by Virginia Sea Grant over the past five years. Virtually every face of the marine trades world has been touched by Sea Grant involvement: the charter boat captain, the diesel mechanic, the commercial waterman, the B&B operator.

While seafood harvesting and processing remain strong in Virginia, commerce in the coastal zone often takes the form of water-based recreation – as more and more Americans take up boating and paddling, surf-fishing and birdwatching. Through its ripple effects, the recreational fishing industry alone accounts for several billion dollars of revenue to the state’s economy, according to VIMS economists. Recognizing this broad base of marine users, Sea Grant continues a long tradition of working along the waterfront – with recreational anglers and with towns and cities hosting maritime festivals.

Programs of Interest

Marine Industry

Economic Analyses of Local Governments Marine Trades

Small Grants for:

  • Fishery Resource Grant Program
  • Boating Infrastructure Grant Program
  • Charterboat Industry
  • Gamefish Tagging
  • Catch & Release


  • Maritime Festivals
  • Coastal Blueways
  • Clean Marina Program