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Susanna Musick

Marine Recreation Specialist

Email: [[v|susanna]]
Phone: (804) 684-7166
Office: Davis Hall 247
Unit: Marine Advisory Program


As Marine Recreation Specialist in the Marine Advisory Program, I’m a marine scientist who leads a range of fisheries extension research activities for the recreational fishing and for-hire industries. My work focuses on cooperative applied fisheries research in Virginia waters with a particular interest in recreational fishing and tagging and related angler training. I also serve as a liaison for recreational anglers, the charter industry, and scientists, and help to develop new research projects based on demonstrated recreational industry needs. For a list of projects, grants, and publications, please download my c.v.



M.S. Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Exeter

B.S. Biology, College of William and Mary


Current Projects 

Recent Projects

McDowell, J., Hamish, S., and S. Musick. Genetic analysis of the distinctiveness of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum, from Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Institute of Marine Science. VMRC-Recreational Fisheries Advisory Board. 

Weng, K., Musick, S., Hoenig, J. and D. Crear. Understanding the Virginia Cobia Stock Through Analysis of Trophy Fish. Virginia Institute of Marine Science. VMRC-Recreational Fisheries Advisory Board. 

Scheld, A., Small, H. and S. Musick. Quantifying the Economic and Behavioral Effects of Alternative Regulatory Measures in Virginia’s Recreational Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) Fishery. Virginia Institute of Marine Science. VMRC-Recreational Fisheries Advisory Board. 

Fabrizio, M., Tuckey, T., and S. Musick.  A brief guide to the ecology and management of striped bass.  Virginia Institute of Marine Science. VMRC-Recreational Fisheries Advisory Board. 


Selected Publications

Musick, S. and L. Gillingham. 2011-2019. Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program Final Report.  Recreational Fishing Advisory Board.  Online:

Matt Perkinson, Tanya Darden, Maggie Jamison, Matt J. Walker, Michael R. Denson, James Franks, Read Hendon, Susanna Musick, Eric S. Orbesen. 2019.  Evaluation of the stock structure of cobia (Rachycentron canadum) in the southeastern United States by using dart-tag and genetics data.  Fish. Bull. 117:220–233. doi: 10.7755/FB.117.3.9

Scheld, A, Goldsmith, W.M., White, S., Small, H.J., and S. Musick. 2020. Quantifying the Behavioral and Economic Effects of Regulatory Change in a Recreational Cobia Fishery. Fisheries Research. 224.

Musick, S., McDowell, J., Scheld, A., Weng, K., Graves, J., Hoenig, J., Small, H.  February 2018. Interim Executive Summary VIMS Collaborative Cobia Research. Recreational Fishing Advisory Board, Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

Perkinson, M., Denson, M., Franks, J., Musick, S., Poland, S. and E. Orbeson.  1 May 2018. Evaluation of cobia movements using tag-recapture data from the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic coast of the United States. SEDAR58-SID-05. 21 pp.

McDowell, J., Brightman, H., Small, H. and S. Musick. 23 April 2018. Summary results of a genetic-based investigation of cobia (Rachycentron canadum). SEDAR58-SID-03. 23 pp.

SEDAR 58 Cobia Stock ID Workshop: Spatial Distribution and Movement Working Group Report in SEDAR 58 Cobia Stock ID Workshop Report. May 2018.

Musick, S. 2012, 2014, 2016. Virginia Charter Boat Workshop Summary.  Marine Advisory Program, Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Musick, S., Fisher, R., Mirabilio, S., Baker, S. and M. Danko.  August 31, 2015.  Design and prototype testing of multi-fish descending devices in Mid-Atlantic recreational fisheries: a submission to the 2014 Special Project E Funding Competition “Development of a fish descending device in the Mid-Atlantic” Final Report.  VSG-15-06; VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2015-12.