Commercial Fisheries

The Marine Advisory Program works closely with the commercial fishing industry on many fronts. Marine specialists respond to emerging needs – from helping practitioners stay up-to-date with current technology and improved gear efficiency, to developing new products that boost the bottom line for seafood processors and distributors, to helping them navigate changing regulatory requirements.

Over the years, Virginia marine extension specialists have worked with the following key species: black sea bass, sea scallop, oyster, spot, cobia, softshell crab, hard clam, conch/whelk, horseshoe crab, and summer flounder – either in the wild or through aquaculture initiatives. While many projects focus on product development or improved harvesting efficiencies, others represent conservation measures to reduce by-catch or the taking of undersized fish. Virginia Sea Grant continues to work closely with state and federal resource managers and others to identify and implement methods to conserve species and lighten the impact of commercial fishing upon marine resources.

Recent Publications:

A Summary of Collaborative Discussions on Existing Management within the Channeled Whelk, VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2021-7, September 2021

Virginia Wild-Caught Blue Catfish: Nutrition and Contaminant AnalysisVIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2020-8, September 2020

Past Publications:

Improved Commercial Blue Crab Electronic ReportingVIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2015-14, October 2015

Age, Growth, Size at Sexual Maturity and Reproductive Biology of Channeled Whelk, Busycotypus canaliculatus, in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2015-15, October 2015

Economic Activity Associated with Commercial Fisheries and Shellfish Aquaculture in Northampton County, Virginia, VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2014-12, October 2014

Getting Started with the Water Harvest Program: A Guide for Watermen to Make More for Their Catch by Selling Direct at Farmers' Markets, Manual by Jimmy & Paige Hogge, VSG-10-07, Virginia Sea Grant Marine Advisory No. 80, July 2010

Estimated Economic Impact of Gulf Oil Spill on Virginia's Oyster Industry, VSG-10-07, VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2010-7, July 2010