Vessel Rates

VIMS' vessel rates

                                                               (Contact: Terri Major- ext. 7056)

                                                                         Reserve a vessel

                                       Supplemental vessel crew (at $55/hour/person) may be required,

                                         depending on the nature of the proposed field activity, and

                                       vessel size; therefore, please coordinate with Vessel Operations

                                    (Joseph Martinez- ext. 7271) well in advance, to determine needs and costs.

Vessel Name Make/Model Rates as of 07/06/2021
Virginia Meridien - 93' Click here for rates.

Bay Eagle

Camcraft - 65' $115/hour (Large Vessel Reservation; minimum

crew of two at $55.00/hour each.)

Tidewater Trawler - 43' $85/hour (Large Vessel Reservation; minimum crew of two at $55.00/hour each.)
Grebe Jon-Landau - 12' $35/day (no engine, no trailer)
Knot Jon-Landau - 12' $35/day (no engine, no trailer)
Willet Jon-Gill - 14' $60/day
Seagull Privateer - 18' $80/day
Emperor Jon Boat - 21' $80/day
Loon Parker -18' $100/day
Bittern Maritime Skiff - 21' $100/day
Stilt Maritime Skiff - 23' $120/day
Plover Privateer - 21' $110/day
Egret Privateer - 21' $110/day
Gannet Privateer - 21' $110/day
Teal Privateer - 21' $110/day
Mallard II Carolina Skiff- 17' $80/day
Marsh Hen Carolina Skiff - 19' $80/day
Scoter Carolina Skiff - 21' $110/day
Coot Carolina Skiff - 24' $110/day
Shearwater Carolina Skiff - 21' $110/day
Shoveler Carolina Skiff - 24' $110/day
Skimmer C-Hawk - 22' $110/day (Reserved Service)
Cormorant Parker - 23' $120/day (Reserved Service)
Pintail Parker - 25' $120/day 
Widgeon Panga - 25' $110/day
Canvasback RHIB $40/day (Reserved Service)
Other Costs
Small outboard motors $25/day
 Mobilization/ De-mobilization  $55/hour (most reservations no charge)
 Trailer rental  $20/day
 Gasoline  market price
 Diesel  market price

Updated 07/06/2021