Vessel Rates

Rates for use of the R/V Virginia are subject to change as we gain experience with the costs of operating the new vessel.

Rate Type Rate Notes
Day Rate $8,050* All inclusive day rate; 24 hour operation
Technician [[v|jeojr,Contact Marine Operations]]
Instrumentation [[v|jeojr,Contact Marine Operations]] ADCP and other equipment available on request
Weather Day/Port Day/Mob-Demob $2,290 Full services
 *please note, effective July 1, 2022, the day rate for the R/V Virginia will be $8,465
(There will be no change to the Weather Day/Port Day/Mob-Demon rate of $2,290)
Additional Notes
  • [[v|jeojr,Contact Marine Operations]] for rate types not described above
  • Users may be charged 20% of day rate for scheduled days not used
  • Fuel surcharge may be applied to transit or steam distances over 150 miles