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Top-notch researchers need top-notch information access

We are not just about fish!

Hargis Library supports the vital information needs of faculty, research scientists, and students at the Institute by providing a rich array of electronic and print collections in the biological, ecological, oceanographic and physical sciences.

These collections ensure that our researchers have access to the most current scientific developments, which lead to the informed discovery and management advice in the many areas of research at VIMS.

In this period of declining state support, providing the essential scientific journals, reports, and academic materials is an increasing challenge yet remains absolutely necessary.

How can you help?

By supporting the Hargis Library Endowment Fund—a part of the VIMS Foundation.

Your donations will provide much-needed funds to enable the Library to continue to offer the information resources that VIMS researchers rely on to develop the cutting-edge research that is vital to the State of Virginia and the broader scientific community.

Please consider the ways in which you may give and show your support for the Hargis Library Endowment Fund.

The Chesapeake Bay and marine life everywhere will ultimately benefit by your generosity. Thank you!