VIMS Publication Series

The VIMS publication series were developed to provide the opportunity to distribute Institute research and studies which were not suitable for inclusion in journals due to their focus or length or not likely to be presented in full elsewhere.

There are five different report series, some of which continue to be active.

Special Reports in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE)

The largest report series published at the Institute, covering a wide range of regional studies, many longterm and ongoing such as shoreline reports, SAV, and modeling studies. Browse reports.

Special Scientific Reports (SSR)

A continuing active series covering monitoring programs, inventories and a variety of early studies of regional fauna and status reports. Browse reports.

Data Reports (DR)

As the name suggests, these reports are primarily providing data sets, covering a range of topics from water quality, temperature and salinity, sediment data.  Browse reports.

Translation Series (TR)

This series was developed to contain translations of foreign papers, mostly Russian, primarily related to parasitological research. Not an active series. Browse reports.

Special Papers in Marine Science (SPMS)

Designed for larger, more complete monograph-type papers. Browse titles. Due to copyright, not all items are available online.  Online papers.

If you have research which would be suitable for inclusion in one of these series, contact the Library Director who will assist in identifying which series would be appropriate.

Series report numbers are issued by the Library, and the document must include the series name on the cover page.