Report Submissions

Keeping track for now and the future


The Library serves as the repository for all Institute publications - report series, special reports, final contract reports, advisory reports, longterm study updates, contributions, or any collaborative report in which a VIMS faculty, staff or student member is a contributing author.

In addition, the Library on behalf of the Institute, must submit to the State Library of Virginia information regarding agency publications.

To address these requirements, authors must advise the Library of the publication of any new report by providing a pdf copy upon completion, or at the time the report is posted on department or center websites, or submitted to funding agencies. Any supplemental files to the report should be sent as well.  Reports and associated datasets will be added to the institutional repository W&M ScholarWorks.  

If a VIMS publication has been created as digital entity and it is not feasible to provide copies due to the format of the digital report (eg. external file components, gis maps), then Hargis Library should be advised of the publication, author(s), and date, and be provided with the url to the website where the report is hosted.  This information must be submitted to the library for archiving at the time reports are posted on department or center websites.

A record of this report will be cataloged with the url to provide access to the work.

If print copies are being produced, one copy would be appreciated for the library archive.

Contract Reports

Final contract reports should be sent to the library. Interim reports do not need to be submitted unless they serve as annual reports for longterm funded studies.

Report information should be submitted to [[v|coughlin, Carol Coughlin]].