VIMS Street Addresses

Use the following street addresses to direct visitors to individual buildings on VIMS' Gloucester Point and Wachapreague campuses.

Please note that

  1. Campus visitors need to first check in at the reception desk in Watermen's Hall to obtain a parking permit and sign the guest book before proceeding to other buildings, and
  2. These street numbers are NOT to be used for mailing or shipping addresses. For our Gloucester Point campus, please continue to use PO Box 1346 for regular mailing and 1370 Greate Rd. for shipping. For the Eastern Shore Lab, please use P.O. Box 350 for regular mailing and 40 Atlantic Avenue for shipping.
VIMS Main Campus (Gloucester Point, VA 23062)
  • ABC Field Lab: 1258 Old Ferrt Road
  • Abrahamson House: 7592 Spencer Road
  • Acuff Center for Aquaculture: 1285 Old Ferry Road
  • Andrews Hall: 1309 Greate Road
  • Boat Basin: 1280 Franklin Road
  • Catlett-Burress Education and Research Laboratory: 7577 Spencer Road
  • Chesapeake Bay Hall: 1355 Greate Road
  • Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve: 7581 Spencer Road (aka Wilson House)
  • Clayton House: 7517 Spencer Road
  • Davis Hall: 7539 Spencer Road
  • Facilities Management Building: 1370 Greate Road
  • Field Support Center: 1219 Franklin Road
  • Fort Area (no street address available but in Google Maps as an area)
  • Nunnally Hall Fisheries Lab: 7509 Roper Road
  • Oyster Hatchery: 1200 Franklin Road
  • Seawater Pier and Pumphouse (no street address available but in Google Maps as an area)
  • Seawater Research Lab: 1443 Greate Road
  • Shoreline Studies Program: 1452 Greate Road
  • Sowers House: 7580 Spencer Road
  • Triangle Parking Lot (no street address available but in Google Maps as an area)
  • Watermen's Hall: 1375 Greate Road
  • York River Hall: 1363 Greate Road
VIMS' Eastern Shore Lab (Wachapreague, VA 23480)
  • Owens House: 1 Liberty Street
  • Administration Building: 40 Atlantic Avenue
  • Council House: 2 Riverview Avenue
  • King House: 4 Riverview Avenue
  • Carlson House: 5 Riverview Avenue