Human Resources

Do you have questions or need to discuss an HR issue?  Please make an initial request using the VIMS Human Resources Request form: HR4U. 

HR-related paperwork may be submitted via email to [[VIMS-HR, VIMS Human Resources]] or you may bring it to Cathy Cake in Watermen's Hall Room 245 (mornings only).

Office of Human Resources office hours are as follows:

  • 8:30 am - 10 am
  • 1 pm - 2 pm
  • or by appointment
Important updates as of July 8, 2019

Process for Creating a New Position: As of May 2019, approval by the William & Mary Administrative Budget Group (ABG) is required before W&M HR will assign a position number for a new* position. Use the VIMS ABG Approval Form to initiate the review process.  VIMS HR will send the form to the Office of the Provost and will return it to you when the form is approved.  When the draft position description is ready for review and you have uploaded the approved form to People Admin, notify [[VIMS-HR, VIMS Human Resources]]. You should leave it as a draft.  Upon completion of the review by VIMS HR, the position will be moved to Level 1 on your behalf.  A quick guide to navigating the steps in People Admin is available here.

*New hourly and temporary positions do not require approval by the ABG.  

Process for Filling an Existing Position: Regardless of funding source(s), a request to refill an existing position at VIMS now requires review by the VIMS CFO before it will be posted or submitted for review and approval in People Admin. To initiate the process, complete the VIMS Request to Fill an Existing Position form and obtain the necessary signatures. If you have an approved Position Description in People Admin, and no changes have been made (including to the index), you may then use the posting option to move the position forward. Please note that making any changes to an existing Position Description, including the index, will require a classification & compensation review step. This may slow down the time it takes to post your position. If you make only minor changes, you should document the reason(s) for the change(s) in the notes section of People Admin, or include a document with the information as an attachment in People Admin. If the changes are more substantial, you may be asked to complete a Classification & Compensation Review form. When the Position Description is ready for HR review (class & comp only), notify [[VIMS-HR, VIMS Human Resources]].  

W&M's Recruitment Toolkit provides useful strategic and operational information on the full recruitment process. As some processes may be slightly different at VIMS, be sure to check the VIMS forms and guidelines available using the menu, or send a request to VIMS HR for more information.   

Process for Employee Classification & Compensation Reviews: Managers and supervisors who would like to request classification or compensation review for existing employees should refer to this guide, which includes information on how to navigate in People Admin.

For additional HR information, visit the W&M Human Resources website.

Updated: 8 July 2019