Human Resources

Welcome to the new VIMS Office of Human Resources website.  

Currently, both VIMS and W&M Human Resources are operating with reduced staffing. Until further notice, W&M HR is addressing questions or requests in the following areas via: [[w|AskHR,AskHR]]

  • timesheet/card issues
  • new employee benefit orientations
  • general and specific leave and benefit questions

They will also work with you directly on recruitment and hiring processes once you have the necessary VIMS and W&M approvals. 

As of May 2019, approval by the William & Mary Administrative Budget Group (ABG) is required before W&M HR will assign a position number for a new position. Hourly and temporary positions do not require approval by the ABG.  Use the VIMS ABG Approval Form to initiate the review process. VIMS HR sends the form to the Office of the Provost and will return it to you when the form is approved. You then upload the form to People Admin as an attachment and send an email to AskHR to let them know that the position description is ready for review.

For any other HR questions or requests, use the VIMS Human Resources Request form. You should also use this form to let us know when you are initiating an action in People Admin, such as a request for new position, re-posting of an existing position, or a class/comp review. The on-line form is accessed using your W&M credentials. This tracking system makes it easier for us to follow the progress of your action.

HR-related paperwork may be submitted via email [[VIMS-HR, VIMS Human Resources]]. 

For any Employee Relations questions or issues, please contact Linda Schaffner directly at x7105.

For additional information, visit the W&M Human Resources website.

Updated: June 24, 2019