Pool Vehicles

The Institute maintains and operates cars, mini-vans and trucks.  The Division of Fleet Management, VDOT booklet  "Rules and Regulations Governing the Use, Operation and Maintenance of State Owned Fleet Vehicles," and the Commonwealth of Virginia booklet "State Travel Regulations" contain complete guidelines for state vehicle operation and travel and should be read thoroughly. You may obtain copies from the Vehicle Pool office in the Customer Service Center, Room 201. All new faculty, staff, and students are required to complete the new employee safety training orientation with the Safety Office and complete a Faculty/Staff Driver's Authorization Form before reserving a pool car or truck.  Vehicle Pool office hours are 5:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Reserving a Vehicle

Vehicles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on availability. When reserving a pool truck you will need to specify your destination, the number of passengers, what type/size of equipment you will be taking, and whether you will be towing a vessel so that the proper truck can be assigned. You may reserve pool cars and trucks at   [Reserve Vehicles]

Mileage Rates 

Mileage rates are billed weekly and charged to the using department at the following rates:

  • Pool Cars/Mini-Vans    $0.65 per mile   
  • Pool Trucks  $0.85 per mile  
Keys and Fueling

Keys may be picked up in the Vehicle Pool office in the Customer Service Center. Keys may be returned to the Vehicle Pool office during normal business hours, and after hours to the drop box beside the front door of Clayton House. Credit cards are available for use when making long trips. The state gas credit card (Voyager) will always be in the packet attached to the keys and is accepted at many gas stations. State Voyager Cards should be used for cars and minivans.  Credit cards are available for fuel when making long trips. CREDIT CARDS MAY BE USED FOR VEHICLE FUEL ONLY. 

Maintenance, Inspection and Accidents

Maintenance and inspection of the Pool Vehicles is the responsibility of the Vehicle Pool Office. Please report any mechanical problems as soon as possible to [[poolcars]] or by calling the Vehicle Pool Office at X7091 or X7096. All accidents should be reported to the Virginia State Police immediately and to the Vehicle Pool office as soon as possible regardless of who is at fault. If you are injured while driving or riding in a state vehicle, please follow the guidelines prescribed in "Workers' Compensation Claims Program."


For emergencies during business hours call the Vehicle Pool office at X7091, or X7096. For after-hours emergencies call Security at 694-7300.

Vehicle Purchase

The Vehicle Pool office provides assistance with new vehicle purchases.

Rental Cars

In addition to the VIMS Pool Car program, the Institute maintains a state contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Your department budget manager will have details of this program and will assist you in renting a vehicle. If your department does not have a budget manager, please call X7096 for assistance. All sizes of vehicles, including pickup trucks, are available. The determination of which program (VIMS vs. Enterprise) will cost less depends on the distance and length of your trip but generally 1- day trips of less than 100 miles will be less expensive if using a VIMS vehicle.

Additional pool vehicle information is included in the VIMS' Operating Policy Instructions; section VIMS I-0602, Pool Vehicle Regulations.