Planning & Construction

The Facilities Planning Section of the Department of Facilities Management works with the Office of Finance to develop and coordinate the Institute's Capital Outlay Program (Capital Improvement Program) and other related programs. This includes:

  • Maintenance of Campus Master Plans, which is a guide for the physical development of the Gloucester Point campus and Eastern Shore campus designed to accommodate the educational and advisory missions of the Institute.
  • Development of the Six-Year Capital Outlay Program, which projects capital improvement needs for a period of six years beyond the period covered by the Governor's latest budget. The six years are divided into three biennia (i.e. 2008-2010, 2010-2012, and 2012-2014). The projects range from the acquisition of property for future expansion to renovations or improvements to existing facilities, to new construction.
  • Development of Specific Capital Outlay Requests for the Immediate Biennium, which includes submitting detailed  justification, options, estimated cost, and schedule for selected projects to be considered for inclusion in the Governor's budget.
  • Planning and Management of Approved Capital Outlay Projects, which includes overseeing the development of the project design scope of work, advertising and hiring of the architect/engineer, design development, advertising for bids and the hiring of the contractor, construction management, commissioning of the equipment, final inspection, and occupying of the facility.
  • Development and Management of the Maintenance Reserve Plan, which involves maintenance and repair projects that cost more than $25,000 for existing buildings and facilities. Work of this nature is funded by the General Fund and includes such projects as roof replacements, equipment replacements, sidewalk replacement, carpet and ceiling tile replacements, structural repairs, etc.
  • Special User-Funded Renovation and New Construction Projects, which includes overseeing the design and construction of small construction projects that are funded by the using department. Work of this nature includes installation of new cold rooms, small additions, small lab renovations, etc. and may be constructed by a combination of in-house forces and outside contractors.
  • Management of the State Annual Permit Program, which allows the issuance of building permits by the VIMS Facility Planning Staff for construction projects that are not required to be sent to the State Building Code Official for a building permit. Examples of projects that fall into the Annual Permit Program are projects limited to the addition, removal, alteration or relocation of a fire protection system, a wall or partition, HVAC, electrical or plumbing systems.
  • Management of the VIMS Energy Plan, which includes management of VIMS utilities, buildings and infrastructure with the goal of reducing energy costs and consumption in the aggregate by 5% per year on an energy cost and use-per-square-foot basis.
  • Property Acquisition, which includes securing appraisals, environmental assessments, boundary surveys, preparation of real estate purchase agreements, securing title insurance and closing assistance for the purchase of new properties.