Winter Storm Saturn

Three-day Tidewatch observations of water levels at the Yorktown Coast Guard Training Center (YRCG) during the passage of winter storm Saturn. Click for larger version.

The image pair below shows the difference in water level on Queens Creek (a tributary of the York River) during the passage of Winter Storm Saturn on March 6, 2013.  The left-hand image was captured at  6:03 pm EST on Wednesday, March 6th (near high astronomical tide), while the right-hand image was captured at 9:57 am on Thursday, March 7th (about two hours past high astronomical tide). The Tidewatch system at VIMS recorded a peak 0f 1.78-feet of "extratidal" water at the nearest tidal station during the storm's passage.

Also see a before-after comparison of water levels at the nearby Queens Lake Marina.

before after