Before and After Images

In a time of significant change, "before and after" photos can provide an engaging and powerful means to showcase alterations in habitats, organisms, data, human development, and other natural and human phenomena.

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Winter Storm Saturn: Before and after images show the difference in water level on a tributary of the York River during the passage of Winter Storm Saturn on March 6, 2013.

Hurricane Sandy: Before and after images show the difference in water level at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's Eastern Shore Laboratory in Wachapreague during the passage of Hurricane Sandy.

Gloucester Point: Before and after aerial images show land-use changes and a notable increase in impervious surfaces in Gloucester Point, Virginia between 1937 and 2011.

SAV: Before and after images from the cover of the 2011 monitoring report from the Seagrass Monitoring and Restoration Program at VIMS show significant differences in year-to-year seagrass coverage in Chesapeake Bay.

Hurricane Isabel: These before and after images from mid-September, 2003 show coastal inundation at Hog Island on Virginia's Eastern Shore due to the passage of Hurricane Isabel on September 18 of that year.