A better way to prepare for coastal flooding

Tidewatch Charts© provide an effective way to visualize and predict the magnitude and impacts of coastal flooding at specific locations within the Chesapeake Bay and along Virginia's seaside Eastern Shore by extrapolating from recent observations. The Tidewatch Map© brings inundation predictions to your landscape by modeling flood levels throughout the region.

A related data product—VIMS' StormSense network—extends the utility of Tidewatch inland by deploying water-level sensors in flood-prone coastal areas away from the full effect of the tide.

Tidewatch Charts

Access observations and near-real-time forecasts for Tidewatch stations using the links or Google Map below, or view a single graph that compares water-level forecasts among all the Chesapeake Bay stations. The Google Map provides access to selected StormSense locations as well.

View VIMS Tidewatch Network in a larger map
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