VIMS OspreyCam

Presented by Williamsburg Landing

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Our osprey nest for the 2022 season unfortunately failed (likely due to a spell of cold, windy weather in early May). When ospreys fail to breed successfully, they often resume nest-building activities, creating what is known as a "frustration aerie." It was, however, too late in the season for our pair to mate again and produce a new clutch of eggs.

Watch real-time images of an osprey family during their annual nesting and breeding season on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The images—brought to you by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science—come from a nesting platform in the waters of the York River immediately in front of  VIMS' campus in Gloucester Point, Virginia. The nest site protects the resident ospreys from predators and gives them ready access to nearby fishing grounds.

NOTE: Our feed currently incorporates no audio, due to both technical challenges and to protect the privacy of those on our working pier. If the feed is dark, it is nighttime in the U.S. Eastern time zone (UTC -5) where the VIMS OspreyCam operates.