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VIMS serves as the marine science advisor to the Commonwealth of Virginia, for all levels of government. As such, ORAS reviews permit applications as asked, on a case-by-case basis. Staff are unable to review every tidal wetlands application and therefore restrict our evaluation to projects that are particularly complex, sensitive, atypical, or where there is uncertainty regarding dune/beach, vegetated tidal wetland, and/or non-vegetated tidal wetland jurisdiction. We work closely with VMRC Habitat Engineers who have significant experience reviewing all types of projects that may affect the Bay environment and can provide guidance on when a VIMS assessment is needed for a particular project.

Shoreline Project Review Memo from the Associate Dean of Research & Advisory Services

View the memo from September 14th, 2021 here

Examples of ORAS' Role
  • A violation occurred consisting of a bulkhead installation impacting vegetated tidal wetlands. ORAS staff can evaluate the site and advise on least environmentally impactful restoration or other options for consideration when an applicant/agent develops a restoration plan or after the fact JPA.
  • A revetment is proposed along the base of an upland bank in an area with low wave energy and an SAV bed extends to mean low water.
  • A bulkhead has deteriorated and there may be tidal wetlands that extend landward of it, but tidal continuity is uncertain.
  • We do not provide recommendations on or evaluations of agents and contractors. VMRC staff can provide general lists.
Tidal Wetlands Guidelines

Virginia's Tidal Wetlands Guidelines can be viewed here.

Shoreline Management Handbook

The VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management has organized a Shoreline Management Handbook with a variety of information pertaining to Wetlands Boards. The Handbook can be found here

Contact Advisory Services

For questions, additional information, or to request a project review please contact the office at [[v|advisory]]