Agency Grant or Contract Number
vims_logo_200_new.jpg Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary
                   epa_seal_verysmall_trim.jpg Chesapeake Bay Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency CB97392801-0
            deq_logo.jpg Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Chesapeake Bay Program 14933


Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Zone Management Program

14-11-1408 CBG 7732


K00B1400152 RAT-1/11-322




Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Coastal Zone Management Program


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

We gratefully acknowledge the federal and state agencies who financially supported this project: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA-DEQ), Chesapeake Bay Program; the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD-DNR) Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended, administered by the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM); the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA-DEQ), Coastal Zone Management Program; and the School of Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), College of William and Mary. Also, we thank the Norfolk - Southern Foundation and the Keith Campbell Foundation for providing private grants to VIMS in partial support of this work.

Acknowledgments would not be complete without commendation for the groups that provided ground surveys of SAV beds, which were used in conjunction with interpretation of the 2010 photography: Peter Bergstrom of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); Jessica Alexander and Lauren Leese of Maryland Environmental Service (MES); Candace Croswell of Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management (BCDEPRM); Patricia Delgado, Rebecca Golden, Lee Karh, and Mark Lewandowski of Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD-DNR); Roman Jesien of Maryland Coastal Bays Program (MCBP); Daniel Ryan of District of Columbia Fisheries and Wildlife Division (DCFWD); Brian Sturgis of National Park Service (NPS); Terry Willis of Chesapeake College (CC); Chris Guy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS); Evamaria Koch and Becky Swerida of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science - Horn Point Laboratory (UMCES); and Brittany Haywood, Corey Holbert, Rom Lipcius, Scott Marion, Ken Moore, Gina Ralph, Erin Shields, and Rebecca Wright of VIMS. We would also like to thank citizens who provided ground data, including Tom Harten and Eugene McCord.

The production of this report required the dedication of numerous scientists, technicians, artists, photographers, and others. The following people deserve a note of thanks: Mike Fritz of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lee Karrh and Jennifer Raulin of Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD-DNR), Rick Hoffman of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA-DEQ), and Laura McKay of Virginia Coastal Zone Program. We are especially grateful to the dedicated VIMS personnel who contributed greatly to the production of this report: Jane Lopez, Katherine Davis Small, , and Alex Credle of the Sponsored Programs office provided grant administration; Information Technology and Network Services provided computer services; and Regina Burrell and Maxine Butler of the Department of Biological Sciences provided secretarial and purchasing services.

Air Photographics, Inc. conducted the aerial photographic missions and was responsible for the high quality aerial photographs and scans.