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Hurricane Ecosystem Response Synthesis Network

We are excited to have you join the Research Coordinated Network for Hurricane Ecosystem Response Synthesis! Funded by the National Science foundation, we are here to connect terrestrial, freshwater, and marine scientists with economists, sociologists, statisticians, modelers, and resource managers to develop a synthetic understanding in what governs ecosystems’ responses, such as resistance and resilience, to tropical cyclones. We do not require you to submit data to our growing database to be a member. We welcome new members anytime. Please see below for more details.

As a member you will be added to our list-serv to stay updated on our latest events, visualizations, and publications. Our workshops and conferences are a space to connect researchers and synthesize a better understanding for the global patterns in how ecosystems respond to hurricanes (reaching for international collaborations!). We currently have three themes to our 2022 workshops: (1) interactions among ecosystem pre-storm conditions and storm characteristics on ecosystem responses, 2) roles of eco-evolutionary history, life history, and biodiversity on ecosystem responses, and 3) feedbacks among natural and social-economic systems that confer resistance and resilience to tropical cyclones. Visit our Visualizations and Publications  pages to see our products from our previous workshops.

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