Hurricane Ecosystem Response Synthesis Network

Upcoming Events


Please visit our  Webinar Series page for details on our upcoming webinars. Fall 2023 we will have a mini four series of webinars highlighting our working groups' investigations and their progress so far. 

Please visit our Working Groups page for details on our upcoming and current working groups where each group is focused on one of three focal research themes of this network. 

Past Events
February 2023 Key Largo 'Biodiversity and Eco-Evolution' Workshop

Our second working group is well underway exploring how biodiversity and individual traits alters community responses to hurricanes as well as reviewing what is known about hurricane-driven evolution. Drs. Rolando Santos, Sean T Giery, and Enie Hensel is leading the core of this working group on these investigations with Drs. John Kominoski, Christopher J. Patrick, and Enie Hensel facilitating any organization or resources needed from HERS to keep the research progress going. We currently have about 30 HERS members actively engaged in this working group. Updates on the progress of this working group will be highlighted in our fall 2023 webinars. Stay tuned! 

September 2021 HERS ‘Kick-Off’ Webinar – Introducing Hurricane Ecosystem Synthesis

We had a great turnout introducing the newly NSF funded HERS research coordination network. Over 100 participants joined us live to hear about our three upcoming workshops for 2022 & 2023 as well as recent research from our invited speakers Drs. Rosa Román-Cuesta, Colin Donihue, and Maria Dillard. We had a total of 204 people register from 24 countries! Please email [[v|HERSresearch]] if you would like a recording of the webinar and discussion.HERS past events Sept 2021