Research: Sea Scallops

Sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus)Sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) are the most valuable fishery on the US east coast.  Management agencies have determined that this species is not overfished, and overfishing is not occurring. There was a long-term decline in LPUE 1964-1994 with a fishery collapse in 1994. However, after significant management changes (limited access, gear changes with ring size, crew restrictions, closures, etc.), there was a five-fold increase in landings from 1998-2011 (12 to 58 million pounds, $76 to $579 million).

There is a history of scallop growth studies for scallops from 1953-present.  Data are lacking for 1982-2000, which is a transition period from high effort through early management changes.  


The VIMS Molluscan Ecology Lab works closely with Dr. David Rudders and the VIMS Sea Scallop Research Program.