What is a clean marina?

A Clean Marina is in compliance with all legal regulatory requirements and has voluntarily adopted a significant number of additional environmental best management practices as recommended by the Virginia Clean Marina Guidebook.

How does my marina become a clean marina?

A Clean Marina must meet all regulatory requirements and implement a significant number of environmental best management practices as outlined in the Virginia Clean Marina Guidebook. A facility completes the checklist provided by the Clean Marina coordinator and then schedules a site visit with the Clean Marina coordinator. If the facility does not meet the minimum requirements for Clean Marina certification they may join the program as a pledge. The Clean Marina coordinator will then work with the facility to implement best management practices so the facility can meet the minimum criteria for Clean Marina status.

Once the minimum criteria are met, the Marina Technical and Environmental Advisory Committee will evaluate the checklist and, if the evaluation is positive, the facility is certified as a Clean Marina. If the marina still does not meet the minimum criteria, the Clean Marina coordinator will continue to work with them until the minimum criteria are met.

Why should I become a clean marina?
You will be demonstrating your commitment to environmental stewardship and your facility will be a safer, healthier place to work. You may be able to save money by reducing your costs for materials and for waste cleanup and disposal. You may increase your income by renting equipment such as vacuum sanders and tarps, and by selling recyclable materials. Cleaner more efficient equipment will increase staff productivity. Liability associated with waste handling may be reduced and your facility will be more attractive to those who care about the health of our water, land and air.

What are the benefits of being a clean marina?
Being a Clean Marina enables you to advertise your facility as such by use of the Virginia Clean Marina logo and flag. We find that more and more boaters are looking for that symbol when they choose a marina meaning your business can increase. Clean Marinas have also told us that they receive favorable comments from regulators and generally have an easier time when it comes to getting permits and such. Recently AMI and ABBRA have agreed to give Clean Marina owners and employees a 5% discount to their conferences and training programs. We will continue to work on more of these discounts. We advertise the state's clean marinas on our website and at boat shows and conferences we attend. We will work to expand such advertising in the upcoming year to various publications to further your exposure.

Do other states have clean marina programs?
Yes! There are currently Clean Marina programs in 32 other states. See complete list of state Clean Marina programs here.
What boat shows do you participate in?
We set up an exhibit booth at the Norfolk In Water Boat Show, the VA Boat Show, Tidewater Boat Show, National Capitol Boat Show and Richmond Boat Show. In addition, we attend several conferences each year to spread the word about Clean Marinas and Clean Boaters. Watch our News/Upcoming Events tab for a list of upcoming events.
How do I keep my clean marina certification each year?
Your certification is good for three years. At the end of the 3rd year you will receive a letter from VA Clean Marina asking you to complete and submit a new checklist. We will review your checklist and also send copies to the Marine Technical and Environmental Advisory Committee for their review. If no outstanding issues or problems exist, you will be recertified for another three years.
Will regulators visit my marina if I participate?
Regulators from the Marine Technical and Environmental Advisory Committee may visit your facility as part of the Clean Marina review, but they are on-site to provide education and guidance only and not to issue fines or citations for anything found out of compliance. Clean Marina is a voluntary and educationally focused program, and regulators that sit on MTEAC know their role as such.
Are there penalties if my marina is not in compliance with everything during a site visit?
The Clean Marina Program is not regulatory so there are no penalties. If there are areas where a marina is not in compliance it is our job to help you understand and reach compliance.
Are there grants available to assist me in complying with clean marina practices?
At this time the only grant available is through the Clean Vessel Act which provides 75% of the cost of the purchase, installation and maintenance of pump out systems. For more information go to the Clean Marina Guidebook, Appendix XI.